Our outreach team

We have several volunteer speakers willing to discuss the work we do and we can give presentations at many levels:

  • to policy makers discussing the significance of the area for driving science funding decisions 
  • to industrial collaborators discussing joint research projects and strategy setting 
  • to academic departments, within the areas of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and working across disciplines to potential collaborators in Biochemistry, Biology and Mathematics 
  • to undergraduate science societies, helping students understand the challenges of contemporary research 
  • to the public, presenting the excitement of materials chemistry (possibly involving the use of chocolate!) at science cafe events, science fairs and similar 
  • to educators and science communicators helping to inspire the next generation of researchers

If you are interested in having one of our speakers visit you - contact the network coordinator Jenny Woods We are seeking sponsorship and funding to help our education and outreach activities - if you are considering company sponsorship, know of funding opportunities or would be interested in collaborative outreach projects, we'd be very pleased to hear from you.