The coordinator

Jenny Woods is the network coordinator and website administrator. Her role is to ensure the smooth operation of the network, maximising the time the Champions can spend on developing the science programme. If you have a question, she's a good first point to try.

As well as supporting the fundamental science carried out by the Directed Assembly network, her interests include understanding how virtual tools - including websites such as this - can enhance the research process by opening up data, documentation and debate to those who might not otherwise have access. We hope you'll take the opportunity to discuss that with us.

She also has a keen interest in science policy; how we fund science nationally and how a better understanding of the research process can be communicated to policy makers, funders and the public.

Please be aware that this is a part-time role - your queries will be responded to as quickly as possible, but may not receive immediate answers. Email is a good route, Follow my updates on Twitter at @DA_Challenge