Our Aims

The scientific goals that the network wishes to work towards include: 

  • Learning how to synthesise and manufacture any new substance of scientific or practical interest, using energy-efficient synthetic methodologies with high selectivity for the desired product. 
  • Understanding and controlling how molecules interact over all time-scales and length-scales - from individual molecules, through nanoparticles, to the bulk. 
  • Learning how to design and produce new materials and molecular devices with properties that can be tuned prior to or during production. 
  • Developing new, safe and more targeted medicines, faster. 
  • Developing self-assembly as a useful synthetic methodology for manufacturing complex systems and micro-structured materials. 
  • Designing and developing self-optimised chemical systems through controlled evolution.
  • Communicating with the public to show them the benefits that the chemical sciences make to society. 
  • Attracting the brightest young minds to the chemical sciences so they may meet and overcome grand challenges such as this.

To meet these goals, the key aims of this network are:

  • To form new research communities that extend beyond Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and which involve academia, industry and users. 
  • The development of community-driven research agendas that will lead to highly-transformative research with long term scientific impact. • To generate a clear research roadmap identifying priorities, barriers and intermediate targets. 
  • Address societal and economic issues, demonstrating the positive impact that progress in the challenge will have on these areas.