Looking Forward

The Directed Assembly Network launched in October 2010. Our remit included gathering input from researchers across all relevant disciplines, from industry and other end-users, to determine where areas of excitement were in this field and to draw up a roadmap of how research might progress. We were also tasked with enabling collaborative research by bringing people together to share knowledge and discuss areas of common interest.

In the two years following our launch we organised 13 community meetings attended by hundreds of participants, as well as participating in many other meetings organised by other groups. Through those events and other feedback we’ve captured the thoughts of the community on future developments. The outcome of that is our research roadmap, downloadable from the link below.

On the basis of the community feedback and by demonstrating a programme to help develop the field for the future, we have been awarded another four years of funding, enabling us to continue supporting this growing community.

Ways of applying to us for funding are described on our Awards page. We recommend those applying for funding are familiar with the roadmap, particularly the concluding chapters, as this may be useful in framing applications for awards.

Our future community meetings are advertised on our Network Events page.

The research landscape described in our document is continually changing, so we hope to issue updates to the roadmap to reflect that.

Feedback from our community meetings will be one route for providing updates. The latest update document is from the CrystallisAbility meeting, looking at topics around controlling nucleation and crystallisation - linked below.

We would be grateful to receive any community input that may assisst in the process of keeping the roadmap and other strategic documents up-to-date. Please send any comments and submissions to the Network Coordinator, j.woods@bath.ac.uk

The Directed Assembly Network Roadmap - as of date March 2012
Other strategic documents: 
Detailed discussion of controlling nucleation and crystallisation processes (Theme 2)